Automation Anywhere partners with AWS to power business processes with Generative AI

Automation Anywhere partners with AWS to power business processes with Generative AI

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Cloud-native automation solutions company Automation Everywhere today announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) aimed to empower enterprises with a combination of intelligent automation and generative AI. Through this collaboration, Automation Anywhere will use Amazon SageMaker JumpStart and Amazon Bedrock to provide its large customer base with advanced generative AI capabilities.

According to the company, this offering gives customers more flexibility, choice and confidence in implementing their automation solutions.

“AWS’s unique approach with Bedrock to provide fully managed modeling services from a range of world-class vendors such as Anthropic and means that Automation Anywhere customers can quickly build AI-powered generative apps with the right model for their application,” Mike Micucci, chief operating officer of Automation Anywhere, told VentureBeat. “Our combined customers will benefit from deep integration with leading AWS technologies such as Textract for document processing, AWS Connect for customer service, and the Sagemaker AI/ML library of best-in-class large language models.”

Expanding on a partnership that began in 2017, Automation Anywhere and AWS have advanced their collaboration beyond basic infrastructure to include the application layer with AI.


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The companies believe that integrating AI-powered generative solutions into domains such as customer experience, document processing, and contact center intelligence will further strengthen and strengthen their go-to-market relationship.

“With integrations (with) Generative AI models from Amazon, as well as other partners like Google Vertex AI and OpenAI, customers can easily add Generative AI steps into their automation workflow without any coding,” he Micucci told VentureBeat. “We are also integrating best practices into our prompting and model selection integrations so that customers get the highest quality results with generative AI models.”

He added, “The guardrails built into our platform also ensure that only the data you have approved is used with Generative AI and that models are used consistently, ensuring high-quality and predictable results.”

Simplifying business automation through generative AI

According to Micucci, the combination of automation and generative AI represents a formidable synergy capable of unleashing the next wave of productivity. To bring Generative AI to Automation Anywhere’s open and adaptable cloud-native platform, the company has established partnerships with both AWS and Google Cloud.

“We are combining the productivity gains of automation by adding key capabilities that will accelerate productivity, such as sentiment understanding, documentation summarization, quick reading and data extraction from key documents, and content generation needed to maintain workflows. work on the go,” he said. “When multiplied by the billions of business users, this has the power to transform entire industries and completely change the way we work.”

The company announced the integration of generative AI across its successful automation platform, underscoring its belief that generative AI will play a critical role in shaping human interactions with automation in the future.

Additionally, Automation Anywhere will showcase a range of generative AI-powered automation tools, including Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for Business Users, Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for Automators, and Document Automation + Generative AI in partnership with Google Cloud and AWS.

“With the Automation Co-Pilot for Automators with generative AI, we’ve empowered anyone to create their own automation. This has moved past where most companies have been with citizen development and will remove the barriers to learning and adoption to accelerate the flywheel of productivity in every team,” Micucci said.

WebPT extension, a web-based EHR platform, recently began using the company’s cloud-native end-to-end intelligent automation platform. Used Automation 360 Cloud on AWS to power its cloud-based infrastructure. AWS has played a crucial role in providing the infrastructure with resilience, agility, and intuitive operations through intelligent autoscaling of workloads, ensuring cost-effective utilization of cloud resources.

Likewise, ITAU Bankthe largest bank in Brazil, has already deployed thousands of Automation Anywhere cloud-native bots running on AWS.

What’s next for Automation Anywhere?

Micucci said the company is committed to further enhancing its generative AI integrations with AWS, Google Cloud, and other partners. This ongoing investment aims to enable customers to harness the power of generative AI in their businesses with optimal efficacy and safety.

“As we learn from our large community of early adopters, their feedback will continue to drive our product evolution in this area. We believe this feedback is game-changing for how automation will be used across every business and industry to drive previously unattainable levels of automation,” she added.

He said the company perceives artificial intelligence and automation as the emerging interface for business computing. With the introduction of innovative solutions like Co-Pilot for Automators, he envisions the ability to build business processes through a conversational interface, while streamlining the build and test stages through full automation.

“For businesses, it’s possible to deliver a whole new world of automation and productivity with significantly faster time to market and greater business impact,” said Micucci. “With Co-Pilot for business users, we can integrate AI-powered automations into any AI app or experience, making them infinitely available and flexible.”

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