JustCall launches AI-powered platform to improve call center operations through sentiment analysis

JustCall launches AI-powered platform to improve call center operations through sentiment analysis

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JustCall by SaaSLabsa contact center software vendor supported by Redwood Capital, today introduced JustCall iQ, an AI-powered conversational intelligence platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The solution is designed to improve the performance of call center sales, operations and customer support teams.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, JustCall iQ offers real-time coaching and sentiment analysis, with the goal of enabling call center agents to achieve optimal performance quickly. According to the company, its approach allows agents to reach peak performance in days instead of traditional months-long training methods.

JustCall said the platform, facilitated by an AI bot, automatically records and transcribes all calls, providing teams with a transcript of their meetings. This streamlined process allows managers to conduct efficient call reviews without having to listen in for the entire duration.

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After analysis, the system assists sales teams in identifying key moments that contribute to successful or unsuccessful calls. This helps sales employees enhance their presentations and convert potential leads, while support teams can use the insights to improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

“Our new offering is a tool that allows you to record, transcribe and analyze calls for actionable insights that can be used to improve onboarding, continuing education and coaching,” Gaurav Sharma, CEO and Founder, told VentureBeat. by JustCall. “Features like AI-powered performance scoring and sentiment analysis are great for agents and managers to improve win/call resolution rates, and our real-time agent help bot provides recommendations to agents to quickly address customer concerns as they arise.”

The company says early adopters have seen significant improvements, such as a 44% increase in close win rates, a 25% decrease in average handle time, and a 32% increase in customer satisfaction.

Improve post-call insights through sentiment analysis

Sharma highlighted his company’s commitment to taking the guesswork out of call analysis and providing valuable insights through post-call reporting. These reports provide an overview of each call, including performance evaluation, key takeaways, and actionable steps to reinforce successes and address challenges in future calls.

According to him, many businesses with call center managers remain entrenched in outdated call scoring methods that depend on human monitoring. Not only does this prove costly, but it causes many calls to go unreviewed.

“Turnover rates for call center employees are high compared to other industries and the job is stressful, dealing with angry customers, strict time limits and repetitive tasks,” Sharma told VentureBeat. “With JustCall iQ, we’re helping businesses improve the customer experience by capturing the value of every call. We improve feedback and engagement, and help guide agents with the right suggestions as calls happen.

Sharma says sentiment analysis provides a valuable opportunity for managers to accurately gauge the effectiveness of their propositions and delivery in customer interactions. Using emotion sensing and language processing, customer sentiment analysis delves into customers’ emotions and reactions.

He said administrators and managers can use sentiment analysis to identify trends that inform their driving and agent coaching.

“The success of every customer interaction depends on the real-time reactions and feelings expressed by customers. Sentiment analysis is key to monitoring the emotion quotient (EQ) of each call, focusing on vital metrics including fluency, empathy, satisfaction, interest levels, arousal levels, courtesy and patience,” Sharma explained. “Organizations learn from accurate and unbiased insights delivered after every call, eliminating the guesswork and the need for manual data mining, which saves managers valuable time and ensures a more objective analysis of customer interactions.”

The company said the online insurance provider Apollo Insurance adopted the JustCall iQ platform to gain insights into customer interactions. The platform allows Apollo to track metrics such as text volume, call duration, agent performance, and average call count that translates into conversions.

Likewise, Novelty, a small business lender, used JustCall iQ to improve operational efficiency in its financial services business. Its sales and support teams use the platform’s real-time features, including agent assistance and real-time coaching, increasing their efficiency compared to a traditional QA team.

“Using analytics has given them invaluable insight into what’s happening with these calls and messages,” Sharma said. “They can now route leads to the agents most likely to convert them into sales, which has helped them significantly increase conversions.”

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