Nasuni partners with Microsoft Sentinel to protect file data from cyber threats

Nasuni partners with Microsoft Sentinel to protect file data from cyber threats

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File data service provider Nasun Corporation introduced advanced platform capabilities to strengthen business defenses against cyberthreats. The company has partnered with Microsoft Sentinel integrate Nasuni’s cloud-native ransomware recovery solution with Microsoft’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform.

I heard it File data platform addresses the growing demand for robust distributed file sharing data protection, which has emerged as a tempting target for cyberattacks.

The company has noted that conventional backup technologies have proven insufficient for handling network attached storage (NAS) workloads.

“Our platform modernizes traditional NAS, and the Nasuni Ransomware Protection add-on service dramatically reduces mean time to recovery (MTTR) by rapidly detecting and blocking attacks at the edge,” Russ Kennedy, chief product officer at Nasuni, told VentureBeat. “Plus, with the new targeted restore capabilities, our platform can perform precision restores of affected files in seconds. The service is powered by Nasuni’s patented global ransomware recovery process, which can recover millions of files in minutes.”


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The company said the integration with Microsoft Sentinel will allow customers to more readily identify and respond to threat activity. The Microsoft Log Analytics workspace collects and shares Nasuni event and audit logs from any deployed edge device, enabling continuous monitoring via the Sentinel platform.

Eric Burkholder, senior program manager for Microsoft Sentinel Growth and Ecosystem, highlighted the benefits of integrating Microsoft Sentinel with Nasuni’s cloud-native ransomware protection.

Burkholder said threat events can now be automatically captured, consolidated, and sent to Microsoft Sentinel for analysis. This will provide SecOps teams with increased data protection for corporate file shares.

Simplify data recovery for post-crash scenarios

With the new targeted restore capabilities, Nasuni said its platform can perform precision restores of affected files in seconds. With Nasuni’s proprietary global ransomware file recovery process, the service can recover millions of files in minutes.

The main mechanism behind this feature is Nasuni’s patented global file system, specifically designed for cloud-scale operations. It captures many highly detailed recovery points as cloud versions, making it easy to recover huge numbers of files quickly.

“Our new targeted restore capabilities work by demanding the files and last clean snapshot already selected for the restore process to reduce any investigation time,” Nasuni’s Kennedy told VentureBeat. “This is unlike traditional file recovery methods, which require the administrator to examine extensive logs and backup records to identify which version of each file needs to be restored.”

Additionally, the company said the integration with Microsoft Sentinel allows organizations to enhance their “defense in depth” strategies. Encompassing entire distributed attack surfaces, the integrated solutions enable rapid detection and recovery in the event of a file sharing attack. Nasuni said its platform automatically intercepts the attack at the edge, triggering instant alerts to notify security teams of suspicious activity.

The company also highlighted the value of Nasuni-Sentinel integration to facilitate post-incident reporting and meet compliance requirements. The integration assists in filing ransomware claims, providing C-suite analytics, and various other aspects of file recovery.

By providing detailed documentation of quick and comprehensive responses, the platform ensures that organizations have the information they need.

“Our integration with Microsoft Sentinel enables customers to spot threat activity and immediately initiate appropriate responses automatically,” said Kennedy. “Microsoft Log Analytics Workspace collects and shares Nasuni events and audit logs on any Nasuni deployed edge device for constant monitoring with the Sentinel platform.”

Nasuni describes it as the cloud-native alternative to traditional network-attached storage (NAS) and file server infrastructure.

By consolidating file data into highly scalable cloud object storage provided by Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and other platforms, the company says its platform eliminates the need for complex legacy technologies such as file backup, disaster recovery, remote access and file synchronization.

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