Vimeo unveils AI tools to make video creation a breeze

Vimeo unveils AI tools to make video creation a breeze

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Video, the popular video hosting and software company, today announced the launch of a suite of AI tools it says will transform professional video production. The company is introducing a script generator, an on-camera teleprompter, and an automated video editor that can instantly remove unwanted filler words and pauses with the click of a button.

In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Ashraf Alkarmi, Chief Product Officer at Vimeo, discussed the challenges he faced while developing the AI ​​Video Suite and the potential impact it could have on the video production industry.

“The AI ​​space has obviously picked up the buzz around it. There is a lot of pressure from every company to jump on the AI ​​bandwagon,” Alkarmi said. He emphasized that Vimeo’s focus remained on delivering value to its customers through AI, rather than just jumping on the AI chariot.

Alkarmi sees AI Video Suite as a game changer in the democratization of video creation tools. “This product launch is literally about democratizing the creation of great video content and communicating through video in a way that makes it fast, efficient and high quality,” she explained.


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Creating videos just got faster and easier

With the new AI Video Suite, Vimeo aims to lower the barrier to entry for video creation and communication by enabling more people to connect in a meaningful way through video.

Alkarmi expects the platform’s user base to evolve, with more users creating video messages and video communication videos, and an overall improvement in video quality, resulting in more engagement across the platform.

The new features, which will be available next month with Vimeo’s $20 per month Standard plan, uses artificial intelligence to simplify and speed up the video creation process. The script generator can produce a complete video script from a short prompt in seconds, adjusting the language and length as needed. The teleprompter allows users to “look right into the camera” by viewing the script as the video is being recorded.

“The biggest surprise is how many um and ahh (people) say,” Alkarmi explained. “With this product, when you’re done recording, there’s a magic button you can click that shows how many empty words you’ve said, how many filler words you’ve said. Press a button and they’re gone.

Making video creation easier for business

The announcement confirms Vimeo’s ambitions to become a one-stop shop for corporate video needs as more companies invest in video for marketing, training and virtual events. With stiff competition from YouTube and other platforms, Vimeo seems to be betting that advanced video production and editing features tailored for professionals will give it an edge. New AI tools could make the company an even more formidable rival.

Alkarmi said Vimeo’s AI video suite is unique in the market because it offers an end-to-end product suite that allows users to do everything from creating a script to hosting and sharing their videos on the platform. of Vimeo without having to switch between different products or services.

“Vimeo is the only complete video experience platform for individuals and organizations. And we’ve grown to solve customer problems in a lot of large enterprise use cases,” he said. “We have the ability to create a video from a template. And we have logging, which is a very dominant use case for executive communications, training and enablement, and simply using video as a means to communicate.

Alkarmi said Vimeo’s AI video suite has received positive feedback from beta testers who have described it as “magical,” “game-changing,” and “transformative.” She also shared her experience using the product and how it has saved him hours of time and improved the quality of his videos.

“When I was shooting a 10-minute video, it took me about two hours to make a really good 10-minute video,” he said. “And now it takes me about 12 minutes.”

The evolving landscape of Internet video

Alkarmi said Vimeo’s AI video suite has broad applications in various industries such as marketing, education, entertainment and internal communications. He said he envisions a future where video becomes a dominant medium for communication and collaboration.

“Videos should be no different than emails, text messages, or calls,” she said. “And by enabling an easy way to create a video and removing the fear of actually doing it, we believe it’s the most powerful means of doing it.”

He also hinted at Vimeo’s future plans to integrate with other AI solutions and further innovate in the AI ​​space, but did not provide specific details.

“We are super excited about what we are cooking up on AI at Vimeo. And once we talk more about it, it will be very consistent with who we are,” he said. “We believe knowledge of AI is a prerequisite, not a luxury, for video production. their team to create more efficiently, otherwise they risk being left behind.”

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